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Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies

Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies

222 2nd St. North
St. Petersburg FL 33701
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Phone: 727-551-0857


Ancient Medicine for Modern People!


Acupuncture is the insertion of hair-thin needles at specific points along the body. The points are selected according to a detailed Chinese diagnosis. These points are located along lines of bio-electricity (Qi) called meridians. Many people think that the meridians are merely nerve pathways, but this is not true. Meridians may follow nerves, muscles, massage trigger points and sometimes there appears to be no physical way to explain a meridian's route. A well-trained acupuncturist knows the points and meridians from both an anatomical approach as well as an energetic approach.


The needles do not hurt like getting a shot. You may feel a slight pinch when the needle first goes in and then feel nothing. Most acupuncturists want you to have a slight sensation called “de qi” (pronounced ‘day chee’). This sensation may vary. It may feel as if someone is pressing gently with a finger or it may produce a warm or cold sensation. Interestingly, these sensations are not always at the locations of the needling.


After the needles are inserted, you will lay quietly, just relaxing, and often falling asleep. Although the needles can be left in place for up to one hour, they are normally removed in 15 to 20 minutes.


The number of needles used can vary greatly depending on the practitioner and the problem, but normally you can expect between 10 and 20 needles.

Acupuncture can treat many types of pain, including sore muscles, low back pain, injury and abdominal pain, and it can be effective for both acute and chronic pain. Acupuncture can also be used effectively for a host of internal problems including gynecological, gastrointestinal and immunity, as well as chronic disease and stress.




Initial 1 ½ - 2 hrs      $150

Follow-up                   $85

Cost of herbs not included

Massage Therapy           MM29770

1 hr          $75

½ hr         $55

1 ½ hr      $95

Herbal Consultation

Initial 1 – 1 ½ hr      $100

Follow-up                $45

Cost of herbs not included

Vitamin B-12 Injection         $20

Homeopath Pain Injections  $25

NAET (Allergy Elimination)

Initial 1 ½ hr       $90

Follow-up 1 hr    $50

Hyperbaric Therapy

Per Hour:                 $100

*Packages Available, Please Call*

Qi Gong

Individual session 1 hr       $150 Sat.

Supreme Science Qi Gong

Group Session 1 hr                 $10

Facial Rejuvenation

Per Session                              $125

Body Contouring (Cellulite, Adiposity) Per Session                        $125

Tuesday Night

Acupuncture Intern Clinic

Reduced-Rate Consultation $25

Wednesday Night

Herbal Student Intern Clinic

Reduced-Rate Consultation $10






Gift Certificates Available

We have the largest selection of Chinese & Western Herbs in the area, plus we carry Vitamin Supplements, Formulas & More!

Do something good for your health! Please stop by and see what we have to offer!



We bill insurance as a courtesy to you and cannot guarantee coverage. Therefore, payment is due at time of service. Currently, Medicare and Medicaid does not cover Acupuncture, including secondary insurance to the above mentioned. Our fees are determined by the complexity of the particular case and different services used during treatment. You are responsible for the cash discount rate portion of your bill at time of service, whether your insurance company pays or not.


Missed Appointments

Unless canceled at least 24 hours in advance, our policy is to charge for missed appointments at the rate of a normal office visit. Your treatments will be more effective if you follow your doctor’s guidelines and maintain your treatment schedule. Please help us to serve you better by keeping scheduled appointments.




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